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12 x 28瓶盒装,每瓶3毫升独立分装AOLife优质抗氧化剂提取物。 68,000单位 ORAC提高您日常需求的抗氧化能力,并开始以AOLife的方式生活。


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  • AO Life was Designed by Nature to protect your health and help you live longer by scavenging and eliminating free radicals that cause oxidative stress. These free radicals occur on a regular daily basis. Once you take a daily dose of AO Life you are covered for the duration of that day. However routine daily life activities will re-ignite those oxidative stress processes the very next day – and all future days, which is why we provide the convenient monthly supply box for you, and why we offer premium savings up to 15% off when you subscribe to AO Life on a 12-month.